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Pro-Tech 7050-PL Line Cord CO Alarm

PRO-TECH CO Detectors are engineered and manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System for maximum reliability.

     Model 7050-PL

  • Line Cord
  • Tamper Resistant
  • ANSI/UL 2034-05 Listed
  • CSA and IAS Certified
  • Complies with NFPA 720
  • Five Year Warranty
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The PRO-TECH 7050-PL Line Cord Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors are simple to operate.  When a chronic CO level of 70 ppm or more is detected, a Red LED lights and built-in 85db pulsating alarm sounds.

The reset button temporarily mutes the audible signal while the CO level is rechecked.  If the level remains at 70 ppm or higher, the visual and audible alarm signals are automatically reactivated.
After ventilation, the LED is auto-reset to Green (power on), the audible signal is silenced, and detection restarts.

Plug'N Lock

SPECIAL FEATURES:  The Pro-Tech 7050-PL Line Cord CO Detectors include an integral restraining flange and the optional Plug'N Lock (U.S. only) which secures the cord to the outlet and deters children from unplugging the alarm.



  • UL 2034-05 Listed:  Pro-Tech CO Detectors are Underwriters Laboratories tested and listed to the latest standard ANSI/UL 2034-2005.
  • CSA & IAS Certified:  The Pro-Tech 7050-PL Line Cord CO Detectors are also Certified to CSA  6.19-01 and IAS 6-96-2nd Edition, carries the Blue Star and Blue Flame approvals, and includes Lifetime Reliability Testing.
  • Complies with NFPA 720-05:  Meets the National Fire Protection Association's Recommended Practice for the Installation of Household Carbon Monoxide (CO) Warning Equipment.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System:  The Pro-Tech 7050-PL CO Detectors are manufactured under an internationally recognized, rigorous framework for enhancing product quality, reliability, and customer confidence.
  • Semiconductor Sensor:  The solid-state sensor is stable and self-cleaning, with an estimated 7 year life expectancy.
  • Tamper Resistant:  A heavy-duty, integral restraining flange secures the CO detector to the mounting plate and deters tampering with the installation.
  • Plug'N Lock:  An optional locking bracket (U.S. only) also secures the cord to the receptacle and deters children from unplugging the CO detector.
  • Five Year Warranty:  The PRO-TECH 7050-PL Line Cord CO Detectors are backed by a Five Year Limited Factory Warranty.

Installed View

6' line cord

Plug'N Lock
bracket secures
cord to receptacle
(screw provided)



Restraining flange secures CO detectors to mounting plate (screw provided) 

Mounting plate attaches to wall.
CO detector slides down onto plate
(screws & anchors provided)

NOTE: Hex-head
tamper resistant
screws are available
for restraining flange
and locking bracket

Installed View

Mounting Schematic


  • Power Supply:  120vAC, 60Hz
  • Power Connection:  6' Line Cord
  • Operating Temperature:  32°F to 120°F
  • Sensor:  Semiconductor
  • Gas Detected:  Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • CO Sampling Cycle:  Every 2½ minutes
  • Power Signal:  Steady Green LED
  • Audible Signal:  85db @ 10ft
  • Chronic Alarm Time:  70ppm / 60-240 minutes
  • Acute Alarm Time:  400ppm / 4-15 minutes
  • Alarm Visual Signal:  Steady Red LED
  • Alarm Audible Signal:  4 beeps every 6 seconds
  • Malfunction Visual Signal:  Flashing Red & Green LED
  • Malfunction Audible Signal:  1 beep per minute
  • Tamper Resistant:  Integral restraining flange
  • Plug'N Lock:  Cord locking bracket (U.S.)
  • Case Color:  White
  • Case Size:  5½” x 3¾” x 2”
  • Certifications:  Blue Star & Blue Flame
  • Applicable Standards:  ANSI/UL 2034-05,
    CSA 6.19-01, IAS 6-96 2nd Ed., NFPA 720-05
  • Test Laboratory:  Underwriter’s Laboratories
  • Warranty:  Five Year Limited Factory Warranty

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