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Firex 5000 Hardwire Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

   Part 5000
   Model FADC
  • 120V AC Hardwire
  • 9V Battery Back-Up
  • Dual Ionization Sensor
  • False Alarm Control™
  • Ramp-up Horn
  • Interconnect Capabilities


List Price - $20.25 ea.

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The Firex 5000 Dual Ionization Smoke detectors are a unique 120V hardwire unit with 9V battery backup.

The Firex 5000 smoke detectors offer modern, user-friendly features including a False Alarm Control™ which mutes non-threatening alarms for up to 15 minutes, reducing the temptation to disconnect the smoke detectors in the event of an unwanted signal. Other unique features of the 5000 smoke detectors are:

  • A Ramp-Up horn which allows the user to test the smoke detectors at a lower sound level
  • The Front Loading battery door which removes the battery from circuit while door is open, preserving the battery life during installation. It also makes battery replacement a simple task.

The model 5000 smoke detectors can interconnect with up to 12 Firex smoke detectors and 6 Firex heat detectors for a total of not more than 18 Firex devices. When interconnected with other Firex smoke detectors, the unit that initiates the alarm horn throughout the system will display a rapidly flashing red LED, while the other interconnected smoke detectors LED remain unlit.

The Firex 5000 smoke detectors complies with UL standard 217 and is backed by a 5 year limited factory warranty.


  • 120V AC Hardwire
  • 9V Battery Back-Up
  • Dual Chamber Ionization Sensor
  • Front Loading Battery Door
  • Latching LED
  • Ramp-Up Test Horn
  • False Alarm Control™
  • Interconnect Capabilities: 18 Firex units, 6 of which may be Heat Alarms
  • UL Standard 217 Compliant
  • Five Year Limited Factory Warranty

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